About Rebate


Tax credits and incentives are so important for start-ups,small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and anyone in accounting because they save businesses thousands of dollars that can be reinvested back into critical operations.

We started Rebate because we missed out on these tax credits, ourselves.

The money we missed could have gone toward offsetting payroll or income taxes, hiring new employees, innovating, marketing, or building our mission.

Our goal is simple: to spread the word about helpful government incentives and make them easier to get.

Because every growing business needs a little help.

Accounting firms that use Rebate

Our team

Sanjiv Baxi
Founder, CEO
Lyndsie Lowry
Director of Business Incentives + Credits
Daniel Harman
Head of Product
Tim Huang
VP Sales + Partnerships
David Kuchar
Brent Jaenicke
Senior Analyst
Robbie Weir
Partnerhips Manager
Lauren Makofsky
Creative Director
Daniel Abramov
Account Executive
Rashun Faust
Business Development Representative
Horia Lazureanu
UX/UI Designer
Cristi Sabau
Quality Assurance Lead
Aaron Maartens
Software Engineer
Andrei Marinescu
DevOps & Infrastructure Engineer

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