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R&D Tax Credits and other government incentives are so important for start-ups, small businesses, and anyone in accounting because they save businesses thousands.

We started Rebate because we missed out on these tax credits, ourselves. 

The money we missed could have gone toward offsetting payroll or income taxes, hiring new employees, innovating, marketing, or building our mission. 

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Rebate R&D Tax Credit Savings

Our goal is simple: to spread the word about helpful government incentives and make them easier to get.

Because every growing business needs a little help.

Unlike other companies out there, Rebate is backed by a team of real, qualified tax credit specialists. 

Meet the team

Sanjiv Baxi Founder Rebate
Sanjiv Baxi, Founder, CEO
Rebate Tim Huang, VP Sales
Tim Huang, VP Sales
David Kuchar CTO Rebate
David Kuchar, CTO
Daniel Harman, Head of Product
Daniel Harman, Head of Product
Robbie Weir, Chief of Staff
Robbie Weir, Chief of Staff
Josh Williams, Sales
Josh Williams, Sales

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