Accessibility Policy

Last Update: 09 May 2022



Rebate Technologies, Inc. takes the following measures to ensure accessibility for our website and platform:

  • Include accessibility as part of our mission.
  • Include accessibility throughout our internal policies.
  • Design with accessibility in mind.
  • Provide continual accessibility training for our staff.
  • Assign clear accessibility goals and responsibilities.
  • Consult with accessibility professionals to understand and implement up-to-date accessibility measures
  • Commit to continue learning, updating, and evolving.


The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. Rebate Technologies, Inc. is partially conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Partially conformant means that some parts of the content do not fully conform to the accessibility standard.


We aim to meet as many of the WCAG guidelines as possible while also incorporating user feedback into the design and function of the website.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of our website and platform. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers:

We will do our best to respond to feedback within 1 business day. When providing feedback, we encourage everyone to share as much detail about the barriers encountered as possible so that we can recreate and eliminate any barriers for our users.


Despite our best efforts to ensure the accessibility of Rebate Technologies, Inc, there may be some limitations. Below is a description of known limitations, and potential solutions. Please contact us if you observe an issue not listed below. Known limitations:

  1. Forms, buttons, and links: This website is built partially with Hubspot forms and buttons. The closed template limits our ability to add additional information that would make these elements more accessible. We are exploring alternatives to forms using custom solutions. If you discover an issue while interacting or navigating the website, please contact us using the above contact information.
  2. Social media elements such as buttons live feeds, and media: Some elements related to social media have restricted control of the elements which limits accessibility measures. If you have difficulty finding, engaging, or interacting with any of the social media elements, please reach out using the phone number provided above and we will connect you to the desired content channels and pieces of content.
  3. Animated elements. We understand that these can be distracting and currently have an accessibility widget in place that allows users to pause animations. We built them to be subtle to reduce distraction, and are currently looking at other ways to keep the artistic integrity while making sure these elements are not a distraction.


Rebate Technologies, Inc. assessed the accessibility of our website by the following approaches:

  • Self-evaluation
  • External evaluation via online tools that check accessibility, contrast levels, and keyboard functionality.


If any issues are discovered or occur during your visit on the website, please get in touch using the email address provided above.

Inside of your email, please share the following information as best as possible.

  1. Describe the experience and how it was discovered
  2. Share screenshots, screen-recordings, or written details of the issue
  3. Specify if any assistive technologies were in use at the time of the experience
  4. Provide feedback or instruction on how it could be improved for your personal experience
  5. Share any opinions or ideas that you experienced during the visit


This Accessibility Statement is approved by:
Rebate Technologies, Inc.
Sanjiv Baxi
Founder, CEO