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8 Reasons Why Startups choose Rebate for Grants and R&D Tax Credits

There are many reasons to work with Rebate and claim grants and R&D tax credits for your business. here are our top 8 reasons why working with us make sense!

1. We understand the grants and R&D tax credits are not exclusive to science & start-ups. Other small businesses can benefit from grants and R&D tax credits as well.

2. Unlike fully automated services, we pair technology with human expertise for the highest level of quality assurance.

3. Our tools will help you find eligible tax credits, including the ERC tax credit and R&D tax credit, and ultimately save money on tax.

4. Estimating your potential grants and R&D tax credits takes just a minute with our free calculator.

5. If you don’t qualify this time, there’s no risk…and kudos for trying! If you qualify, we quickly get to work on saving you money in several ways.

6. We partner with specialized accountants who understand the qualifying activities of your industry and nuances of the R&D and ERC tax credits to get you even more money.

7. We provide a comprehensive R&D study to submit to the IRS.

8. Our streamlined approach minimizes audit risk and allows for past and future amendments.


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