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R&D Tax Credits
for the Cannabis Industry

If you work in cannabis, CBD, or hemp testing, farming, cultivation, manufacturing, or distribution, you could save thousands of dollars — risk-free. 

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What qualifies?

– Experimenting with lighting, fertilizers, plant spacing, and other variables to increase yield or production

– Improving efficiency during growing and harvesting

– Developing new strains or concentrates

– Exploring LED lighting or automation for indoor growing

– Researching strains and methods for medical use

– Exploring new and improved edible creations, topical creams, or skin absorption techniques

– New oil products and extraction techniques

– New smoking, vaping, or dabbing technology

– Testing new filtration systems for air and water

– Developing improved technologies for delivery

– Creating new analytical tools for strand identification

– Studying uses for biofuels, textiles, and other materials

– Implementing new or improved processes to get more accurate readings of potency and related indicators

What is the R&D
Tax Credit, anyway?

It’s a tax credit the U.S. government provides for qualified Research and Development (R&D) activities to incentivize innovation.

It means that your company could save up to $300,000 on taxes — offsetting things like payroll and helping propel your business. 

Rebate R&D Tax Credit Savings

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