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R&D Tax Credits for Construction Companies

Most construction companies qualify for the R&D Tax Credit. That means there’s a good chance you can save thousands of dollars — risk-free – by claiming construction tax credits for your company.

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What qualifies for a construction tax rebate?

– Value engineering 

– Improving overall process to increase efficiencies 

– Design, build projects 

– Pre-construction planning 

– Development of means and methods for hard-bid jobs 

– Green building design/LEED certification 

– Energy-efficient design or improvements 

– Experimenting with new material combinations

– Development of methods that accelerate construction 

– Dew point analysis for vapor barriers

– Designing HVAC systems for airflow and efficiency 

– Designing electrical systems for efficient power usage 

– Plumbing system design for efficient water usage 

– Lighting system design for energy efficiency 

– Drainage and water management design 

– Use of building information modeling (BIM) 

– High-tech equipment installation 

– Plant production system design

What is the R&D
Tax Credit, anyway?

The R&D tax credit is a tax rebate that the U.S. government provides for qualified Research and Development (R&D) activities to incentivize innovation.

It means that your company could save up to $300,000 on taxes — offsetting things like payroll and helping propel your business. 

But the IRS is cracking down on these construction tax credits, so you need to make sure you’re filing properly. 

Rebate R&D Tax Credit Savings

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