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R&D Tax Credits
for Food & Beverage

If you are a winery, brewery, food manufacturer, food distributer, food testing lab, food packaging company, or food storage facility, you could save thousands of dollars — risk-free. 
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What qualifies?

– Food product formulations to achieve specified analytical requirements, including those related to pH level, brix level, acid content, and product viscosity

– Ingredients and/or formulations

– Packaging, canning, or redesigning existing packaging (e.g., eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, portable, grab-and-go, drinkable, increase shelf-life)

– Production process specifications and techniques for new food products, including mixing times, batching sequences, and cooking temperatures

– Production processes for efficiency and waste reduction

– Testing product designs to reduce costs, meet new federal/state/local health regulations, ensure consistency, or improve shelf life

What is the R&D
Tax Credit, anyway?

It’s a tax credit the U.S. government provides for qualified Research and Development (R&D) activities to incentivize innovation.

It means that your company could save up to $300,000 on taxes — offsetting things like payroll and helping propel your business. 

Rebate R&D Tax Credit Savings

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