R&D Tax Credits for Biotechnology

If you work in agricultural, cosmetic, environmental, food, industrial, or veterinary biotechnology, drug delivery, cell therapy, vaccine development, molecular diagnostics, natural compounds, biosimilars, cell therapy, genomics, screening, or other biotech companies, you could save thousands of dollars risk-free.


What qualifies?

  • Developing computational techniques for advancing bioinformatics from living organisms
  • Creating new or enhanced production processes utilizing enzymes as industrial catalysts
  • Creating or enhancing existing genetic modification tools or techniques for agriculture or livestock
  • New or improved cultivation of plants through micro-propagation or genetic modification
  • New or improved processes to stimulate microorganisms to degrade contaminants
  • Developing biosynthetic processes to convert substrates into more complex products
  • Designing new biomaterials to support tissue formation for medical application
  • Testing for domestic and foreign regulatory requirements


What is the R&D Tax Credit?

It’s a tax credit the U.S. government provides for qualified Research and Development (R&D) activities to incentivize innovation.

It means that your company could save up to $300,000 on taxes — offsetting things like payroll and helping propel your business.

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