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R&D Tax Credits
for Technology

If you work in fintech, ad tech, e-commerce, gaming, telehealth, mobile, nanotechnology, cybersecurity, food tech, cryptocurrency, or anything else technology-related, you could save thousands of dollars — risk-free. 

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What qualifies?

– Introducing new technologies to improve manufacturing process, including the specification and design of prototypes and pilot models

– Designing new software architecture or algorithms 

– Developing functional enhancements and new capabilities for existing applications to create a competitive advantage 

– Creating software in which scale and complexity present technological challenges 

– Developing software to better manage customer relationships through improved collection, storage, and analysis techniques 

– Creating specialized technologies, such as artificial intelligence or voice recognition applications 

– Designing interactive software to support the delivery of multimedia entertainment, such as streaming music or video or Internet video games 

– Developing software applications to use internally or to interact with customers or vendors

What is the R&D
Tax Credit, anyway?

It’s a tax credit the U.S. government provides for qualified Research and Development (R&D) activities to incentivize innovation.

It means that your company could save up to $300,000 on taxes — offsetting things like payroll and helping propel your business. 

Rebate R&D Tax Credit Savings

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